Open Canoeing

10 Great UK Winter Canoeing & Kayaking Trips

There’s a lot to be said for canoeing or kayaking in the middle of summer, floating down the river as beams of sunlight burst through leafy green trees to dance off the water; those seemingly endless days where you can drag your boat up a sandy beach just as the sun sets on a long day on the sea, giving way to a warm evening. In comparison winter paddling can seem like an uninviting prospect: days can be bitter, are always short and the water is often so cold it burns. Get the perfect, crisp day, though, when there’s no cloud […]

Weekend Canoe & Kayak Touring Trips on the River Thames

Flowing through England’s capital city has done a lot for the profile of the River Thames. It is celebrated in a wealth of literature, to say it has played some important roles in English history would be an understatement and is the longest-serving character in the BBC’s Eastenders. For kayakers and canoeists, though, the main appeal of England’s longest river is possibly not that which flows past through the centre of Europe’s most populous city! From Gloucestershire, where it begins its 218km journey to its non-tidal reach, passing through Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Surrey – where it passes through […]

Whitewater Tandem Canoe Skills

Gearing Up Before venturing out onto the rapids of the world in your Canadian canoe some basic prerequisites are required. A suitable amount of practice on flat water to ensure a solid basic skill level, forwards, backwards, turning and support strokes should all be quick, easy and reliable. A basic knowledge of what to do when your canoe, or a friend’s canoe, capsizes is also recommended and advantageous to a having a successful and enjoyable day on the river. The whitewater open boat paddler also requires more personal equipment; a correctly fitting buoyancy aid is essential, as is a correctly […]