10 Great UK Winter Canoeing & Kayaking Trips

There’s a lot to be said for canoeing or kayaking in the middle of summer, floating down the river as beams of sunlight burst through leafy green trees to dance off the water; those seemingly endless days where you can drag your boat up a sandy beach just as the sun sets on a long day on the sea, giving way to a warm evening. In comparison winter paddling can seem like an uninviting prospect: days can be bitter, are always short and the water is often so cold it burns. Get the perfect, crisp day, though, when there’s no cloud […]

10 Reasons to Go on a Canoeing or Kayaking Course

Booking on to a course is a great way to add new tools to your skills box, or to refresh and sharpen up those that you already have and to have a whole pile of fun into the bargain. It’s also a brilliant way to meet like-minded people and to swap ideas, knowledge and experiences. Here are ten of our favourite courses to wet your learning whistles and to help convince you that one fast track route to more fun on the water is to GO book on a course… Getting a Taste A gateway into the wonderful world of […]

10 Great UK Canoe & Kayak Touring Trips

There are few things more relaxing than cruising along a gently flowing river, or across the glass like mirror flat surface of a lake or a loch, listening to nothing but the ripples from your bow. Whether you’re just out on a pleasant day’s paddle or a multi-day journey touring kayaks and even sit-on-tops, are perfect for exploring the waterways of the UK. Here are a few suggestions on some truly classic canoe & kayak touring trips and destinations to get you started, but once you’ve caught the canoe & kayak touring bug there are plenty more out there, just […]

9 Great European Whitewater Kayaking Destinations

Reading an in-flight magazine en route to a kayaking trip overseas, is rarely inspirational, especially when you consider the price of beer and a sandwich, but there is one page that has always sparked my interest. Now that a number of low coast airlines allow the intrepid whitewater kayaking explorer to travel with kayak in tow, the destination map can often open new horizons… Morocco When: May Why: One of the most adventurous whitewater, or indeed, surf kayaking, destinations that are accessible on budget airlines. Morocco can offer whitewater rivers of an easy grade in stunning locations within a country […]

6 Great UK Sea Kayaking Destinations

There are few things that can offer the sense of freedom that a journey by sea kayak can! Gliding along mirror-flat water looking at the abundance of seabirds, or crashing through the waves on a challenging open crossing sea kayaking has something to offer everyone. We’ve picked out six classic areas, but we do all live on an island there is great sea paddling to be had all around the UK’s coastline… wherever you can find a spot to launch your sea kayak. The Outer Hebrides Never mind the UK this is in the top ten sea kayaking destinations in […]