9 Great European Whitewater Kayaking Destinations

Reading an in-flight magazine en route to a kayaking trip overseas, is rarely inspirational, especially when you consider the price of beer and a sandwich, but there is one page that has always sparked my interest. Now that a number of low coast airlines allow the intrepid whitewater kayaking explorer to travel with kayak in tow, the destination map can often open new horizons… Morocco When: May Why: One of the most adventurous whitewater, or indeed, surf kayaking, destinations that are accessible on budget airlines. Morocco can offer whitewater rivers of an easy grade in stunning locations within a country […]

5 International Whitewater Kayaking Destinations

In days gone by travelling further a field to go on paddling trips was the preserve of just a few hardened expedition paddlers. But easier world travel has opened up a wealth of epic destinations for those looking for a BIG trip… Nepal What can be more exciting than paddling on the roof of the world? The truth is that it is surprisingly easy to organise a trip to the mountain kingdom of Nepal. Its rivers, although big and powerful, are fantastic fun and usually forgiving and they offer some superb multi-day paddling. There are loads of operators who offer […]

Whitewater Kayaking Guide to Slovenia’s Soca River

‘The emerald green whitewater kayaking paradise that is Slovenia’s Soca River offers a relaxed whitewater kayaking experience with something for all levels of kayaker, and a trip there is much more attainable than some might think… ‘ The Soca has been a favourite of whitewater kayakers from all over Europe for years now. It’s reliable feed of water allows provides access to stress-free grade 3 whitewater. Set in the north-west corner of Slovenia, The Soca sits at the base of the Julian Alps. With emerald water, rolling mountains and easy access most grade 2/3, paddlers are sure to return to […]

Whitewater Kayaking Guide to the Rivers of the French Alps

River running in the UK is often a cold wet affair and after a hard winter’s river running our thoughts often stray to warmer climes. With the advent of cheaper air travel, UK paddlers have been searching far and wide for warm sun and great whitewater, but with the current economic climate and the price of air travel rocketing paddlers are starting to look a little closer to home. If we told you that there was a place only a day’s drive away, that boasts a generally warm and sunny climate, beautiful mountains, great food and drink, and, most importantly, […]