Whitewater Kayaking Guide to the Rivers of the French Alps

River running in the UK is often a cold wet affair and after a hard winter’s river running our thoughts often stray to warmer climes. With the advent of cheaper air travel, UK paddlers have been searching far and wide for warm sun and great whitewater, but with the current economic climate and the price of air travel rocketing paddlers are starting to look a little closer to home. If we told you that there was a place only a day’s drive away, that boasts a generally warm and sunny climate, beautiful mountains, great food and drink, and, most importantly, […]

Whitewater River Kayak Group Test

Here at Paddler we have a love-hate thing going on with a doing a river running kayak test. Every few years when new models have hit the water and it’s time to run a test again we get really excited, as it is always one of the most fun group tests that we do. The reason for that is that river runners come in all shapes and sizes and most of them are a real hoot to paddle. But that’s also where the hate comes in. Once the paddling is over we have to write the damned thing up and […]