Touring Kayaks

Top Tips for Camping Trips

The canoes and kayaks are a remarkably versatile craft, and they can open the door to a variety of adventures for you. One of our particular favourites is to pack up the tarp, bung in the bivi and cram in the camping kit, before heading off for a weekend of paddling and camping fun with our paddling mates, partners, kids dogs etc. Don’t worry we know we used the ‘Bush’ word above but we’re not going to insist you grow a beard and then bang on about every little detail of a ‘Ray Mears’ style survival camping epic, after all […]

An Inflatable Canoe & Inflatable Kayak Adventure in the Scottish Highlands

Paddling can take you to some amazing places but when you combine canoeing & kayaking, and the versatility of modern inflatable kayaks & inflatable canoes, with other outdoor pursuits it can really open up a mind-boggling array of possibilities for outdoor adventuring. But hang on; don’t you need to be a big, burly, bearded bush-craft practicing explorer to be able to take a walk, and paddle, on the really wild side? Well no actually! Read on and discover that some basic knowledge, a go for it attitude, a thirst for adventure and an inflatable canoe can take you a very […]

10 Great UK Canoe & Kayak Touring Trips

There are few things more relaxing than cruising along a gently flowing river, or across the glass like mirror flat surface of a lake or a loch, listening to nothing but the ripples from your bow. Whether you’re just out on a pleasant day’s paddle or a multi-day journey touring kayaks and even sit-on-tops, are perfect for exploring the waterways of the UK. Here are a few suggestions on some truly classic canoe & kayak touring trips and destinations to get you started, but once you’ve caught the canoe & kayak touring bug there are plenty more out there, just […]

Venture Kayaks Islay 14 LV Touring Kayak Review

The Islay 14 LV opens up coastal adventure and inland touring potential to a smaller, lighter paddler, giving them the opportunity to enjoy nimble manoeuvring, stable hull and straight tracking performance on calm or more exposed waters. P&H heritage and Delphin like design features have really put it at the top of its class. Venture Islay & Islay LV are fitted with performance outfitting featuring a floating backrest to give a greater level of support. Every Venture Kayak includes recycled material sourced from our scrap produced in our factory and from second-hand kayaks, this allows us to effectively close the […]

Venture Kayaks Islay 12 Touring Kayak with Skudder system Review

The Islay 12 offers the features of a touring kayak in a compact, lightweight package. A smaller version of the Islay 14, the 12 will appeal to people who want to explore smaller lakes and rivers but still want the option of taking along enough gear for an overnight trip. The Islay 12 is ultra-stable and quick through the water, nimble on edge and fun to paddle. Offered with Venture’s innovative new under-stern Skudder® system. Smaller and lighter paddlers will benefit from the fit and responsiveness of the LV size. RRP: £629 (with skeg) £729 (with Skudder) More info: […]

Venture Kayaks Islay 14 Touring Kayak Review

The Islay 14 is the latest design from Venture Kayaks. It’s a short touring kayak aimed at allowing its paddler easy access to a wealth of inland and coastal touring adventures. As soon as we unloaded it from the roof-rack we were impressed by the Islay’s lines, it looked like a fun boat and bow and stern bulkheads, and hatches, plus a really neat removable deck pod for essentials & valuables it had all the storage we could want for weekend adventures. RRP: £699 More Info: Specification: Length: 427cm Width: 60cm Weight: 374 litres Features: Semi flat mid hull […]

WaveSport Ethos 10 Crossover Kayak Review

Given a chance, we’d paddle whitewater every day.  But life doesn’t always throw us what we want. That’s why we’ve designed the Ethos – to take you from one adrenaline-fueled adventure to the next. Conquer a rapid, ride a wave train and cruise on down the river in search of more.  When you need to cover some ground, carry all the kit and still have fun, why compromise? The Ethos is a stable, forgiving, performance-minded crossover platform that offers a confidence- building introduction to paddling whitewater. The hull is manoeuvrable in rapids, yet tracks well on flat water with the […]