An Interview with Open Canoeist Ray Goodwin

“The canoe was seen as the unskilled cousin of the sport, something you paddled if you couldn’t paddle a kayak. Most canoe articles in magazines were about kayakers that had gone off to do a wilderness canoe trip. There were exceptions, but they didn’t seem to break the perception. Nearly all the kayakers we met on the Wales trip, were very dismissive of us because we were in a canoe. So we had one lot doing the theme from Hawaii Five-O but not acknowledging us otherwise and another enquired if we were having a nice afternoon out ‘boys’. Our Circumnavigation […]

Gerd Serrasolses (Sickline Champion) Interview

Background Information Name: Gerd Serrasolses Age: 27 Home location: Sort, Catalonia Kayaking discipline: creek boating, extreme racing Profession and educational background: Industrial Design Engineering degree Years in sport of any kind: 14 What got you started in kayaking? I watched the 1999 Slalom Worlds at La Seu when I was 11 and a few years after when I saw some paddlers on our local river I decided it was time to give it a go. What is your biggest accomplishment in kayaking? It is always nice to win competitions, paddle first descents… but my biggest and proudest accomplishment is to […]

Mariann Sæther (Sickline Queen) Interview

Background Information Name: Mariann Sæther Age: 35 Home location: Voss, Norway – Futaleufu, Chile. Kayaking discipline: Extreme kayak, freestyle kayak, canoe slalom Profession and educational background: Lecturer/whitewater kayaker Years in sport of any kind: For ever Other personal information you would like to share: I also do and have done….Snowboarding, jazz-ballet dancing, baton twirling in a marching band for 11 years, synchronized swimming, horseback riding. What got you started in kayaking? I started dating a kayaker – our first date was a roll session. I got hooked right away. What is your biggest accomplishment in kayaking? Phew… these questions are […]