KayakingUK New Canoe & Kayaks Store

Elliott Davidson who is an Irish canoe slalom athlete has set up his own canoe and kayak store called “KayakingUK“. Currently, this is only a very small operation and is only supplying canoe slalom equipment at the moment but hopes to expand into recreational canoes and kayaks at some point in the future.

The reason he set up KayakingUK, was to help fund his canoe slalom career. To be able to dedicate the necessary time to his training this meant not getting a full-time job as it would be too time restricting. It would reduce the hours, he could train and the competitions he could attend. Having been brought up in a business environment it was only natural for him to set up his own company. The next logical step was to set up a business in the canoe and kayak industry owing to his first-hand knowledge in this field. This is why he decided to set up a small kayaking business to start selling canoe slalom equipment.

With limited funding, the only way this would take off is if he kept the operation small. This is why he decided to start selling canoe slalom equipment. With already having good connections in this area it meant it was relatively easy to get the business up and running. Hopefully, over the years to come, this will naturally grow and KayakingUK will become one of the UK’s leading canoe and kayak stores.

Please head over to KayakingUK and take a look at what products they have to offer.

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