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An Inflatable Canoe & Inflatable Kayak Adventure in the Scottish Highlands

Paddling can take you to some amazing places but when you combine canoeing & kayaking, and the versatility of modern inflatable kayaks & inflatable canoes, with other outdoor pursuits it can really open up a mind-boggling array of possibilities for outdoor adventuring. But hang on; don’t you need to be a big, burly, bearded bush-craft practicing explorer to be able to take a walk, and paddle, on the really wild side? Well no actually! Read on and discover that some basic knowledge, a go for it attitude, a thirst for adventure and an inflatable canoe can take you a very […]

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A Canoe & Kayak Guide to the Basic Gear Needed to Go Canoeing & Kayaking

Want to go canoeing & kayaking? Like all sports and outdoor activities, there is some specialist equipment and clothing that you’ll need to stay safe and comfortable on the water. To make sure you get kitted up properly here’s a guide to the basics that you’ll need to go canoeing & kayaking all year round… Despite their diversity and wealth of disciplines there are some essential pieces of equipment and gear that are fundamental to all aspects of paddlesport and those are a boat, a paddle and a buoyancy aid, or as it is sometimes known a personal flotation device […]

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An Interview with Open Canoeist Ray Goodwin

“The canoe was seen as the unskilled cousin of the sport, something you paddled if you couldn’t paddle a kayak. Most canoe articles in magazines were about kayakers that had gone off to do a wilderness canoe trip. There were exceptions, but they didn’t seem to break the perception. Nearly all the kayakers we met on the Wales trip, were very dismissive of us because we were in a canoe. So we had one lot doing the theme from Hawaii Five-O but not acknowledging us otherwise and another enquired if we were having a nice afternoon out ‘boys’. Our Circumnavigation […]

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10 Great UK Open Canoe Trip Destinations

Ullswater The result of work by no less than three glaciers, Ullswater is the second largest lake in the Lake District, and considered by many to be the most scenic; it is certainly the most varied. The exact origin of the name is uncertain: there have been many notable Norse people – mortal and divine – affiliated with the lake with names such as Ulf, Ulphus and Ullr who could all be its namesake. Being the combined work of multiple glaciers is what gives Ullswater its ‘Z’ shape, and leads to the views it offers being so varied. The three […]

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10 Great Reasons to Book on a Canoeing or Kayaking Course

One of the great things about paddling is that there’s just so much to learn and experience they can never get boring. The more you paddle the more your skills will develop but a great way of quickly improving and gaining great experience and knowledge, to help you get more out of your time on the water is to book on a course with a professional coach. Booking on to a course is a great way to fast track your personal skills and increase your knowledge. It’s also a brilliant way to meet like-minded people and to swap ideas, knowledge […]