Places to Paddle

Whitewater Kayaking in the French Alps

We love gear testing, but we hate doing gear tests! Why? Well, gear testing involves putting stuff through its paces out on the water, using it for its designed purpose and generally using and abusing it to see if it stands up to every day use and is good for the job. Putting together a gear test, on the other hand, involves photographing said gear out there in the wilds and in some suitable location. The trouble is, much as the Paddler testers love to get their mugs in front of a fisheye getting the planets of sun, water and […]

Canoe & Kayak Guide to the River Tees

We’re fortunate in the UK to have a breadth of fantastic whitewater rivers, and all with their own unique characteristics, character and flavour. On any given weekend you could be off paddling to Wales, Scotland, the South West or north of England, When the rains come we really are spoilt for choice for quality whitewater runs. Most weekends the question we ask as river runners are not, ‘what should we do?’ But more commonly, ‘where should we go?’ This month we look at one of the UK’s classic runs with a wealth of great whitewater, from waterfalls to fun wave […]

Canoe & Kayak Guide to the Loop section of the River Dart

The Loop (New Bridge to Holme Bridge/Dart Country Park) The middle Dart or the Loop as it’s more commonly known is one of the most popular runs in the UK. It’s fun rapids, mellow nature and beautiful surroundings make it justifiably loved. It’s an ideal river to cut your whitewater teeth on and has a real sense of adventure for canoe clubs and groups. For experts, it offers some fun paddling and some great little playspots. As the level gets higher these play spots get better and better and in super-high water, the Loop become a roaring freight train of […]

A Canoeing & Kayaking Guide to the River Wye

The wonderful River Wye is part of British canoe & kayak paddling heritage. It’s meandering and occasionally tumbling waters, flowing through idyllic countryside and spectacular wooded valleys are a delight to explore by canoe and kayak. It’s the perfect setting for a river trip and thousands of people take their first paddle strokes in a canoe or kayak every summer. Here’s our guide to the best sections of this classic canoe & kayak touring river… The River Wye is the fifth-longest river in the UK and just like its bigger neighbour, the River Severn it rises on the Welsh mountain […]

A Paddler’s Guide to the Afon Conwy

The Afon Conwy is a true North Wales whitewater classic. Draining an enormous area, it holds water for a little longer than some of the other rivers in the area, and the tributaries are classics in themselves. Starting high on the Mignient Moors, it flows and gathers strength to meet the sea on the North Welsh coast. The Conwy is steeped in kayaking history, and has sections for every type of paddler, from placid touring to twisting and powerful gorges. ‘Upper’ Conwy – A5 road bridge to Rhydlanfair Bridge – Grade 3 (4) Above this section of the Conwy, there […]

A Whitewater River Guide to the River Etive

Flowing through the beautiful, rugged Glen Etive, under the impressive shadow of Buachaille Etive Mor, one of Scotland’s best known and best known Munros, the River Etive is rightfully considered one of the absolute classic Scottish whitewater kayaking runs. In fact, alongside the Orchy and the Findhorn, it is probably one of the best known whitewater rivers in all of Scotland. With its rapids bearing emotive names like Triple Drop, Ski Jump, The Letter Box, Crack of Doom, Crack of Dawn, Rockslide and Big Man Falls, the Etive’s smooth boulder gardens, tight constrictions and sweet granite bedrock slides it provide […]

10 Great UK Canoe & Kayak Touring Trips

There are few things more relaxing than cruising along a gently flowing river, or across the glass like mirror flat surface of a lake or a loch, listening to nothing but the ripples from your bow. Whether you’re just out on a pleasant day’s paddle or a multi-day journey touring kayaks and even sit-on-tops, are perfect for exploring the waterways of the UK. Here are a few suggestions on some truly classic canoe & kayak touring trips and destinations to get you started, but once you’ve caught the canoe & kayak touring bug there are plenty more out there, just […]

6 Great UK Sea Kayaking Destinations

There are few things that can offer the sense of freedom that a journey by sea kayak can! Gliding along mirror-flat water looking at the abundance of seabirds, or crashing through the waves on a challenging open crossing sea kayaking has something to offer everyone. We’ve picked out six classic areas, but we do all live on an island there is great sea paddling to be had all around the UK’s coastline… wherever you can find a spot to launch your sea kayak. The Outer Hebrides Never mind the UK this is in the top ten sea kayaking destinations in […]