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Reed Chillcheater Aquatic Pro Sea Kayaking & Touring Buoyancy Aid Review

The Reed Chillcheater Aquatic Pro is a truly excellent sea kayaking and touring paddling buoyancy aid. Before adding any equipment it is clean, low profile, non-inhibitive and extremely functional; perfect for general canoe or kayak touring use, even including easy whitewater (up to grade 2 is highest recommended by Reed Chillcheater).

For pushier sea kayaking trips it has all of the safety features and utility you need, too. There is as much storage as is possible without undermining the low-profile design. We don’t feel that the Aquatic Pro is missing a single detail, and all the detail it has is nicely done.

RRP: £91
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Chest: 84 – 97cm
Waist: 74 – 91cm
Weight: 30 – 60kg


Chest: 99 – 112cm
Waist: 84 – 104cm
Weight: 50 – 90kg


Chest: 114 – 119cm
Waist: 99 – 112cm
Weight: 80+kg


  • 210 denier outer shell with tear resistant PU reinforced coating.
  • PVC, soft profiled foam, providing a low-profile design for unrestricted movement.
  • 8 point strap adjustment system on the shoulders, side and waist belt to keep the vest in place.
  • Neoprene padded shoulders and upper back for comfort.
  • Front zip for non-corroding nylon teeth and slider.
  • Full reflective ‘3M’ piping on front, back and shoulders.
  • Front stretch flare pouch with velcro retaining loop.
  • Two secure zippered front draining pockets over soft pile lined neoprene hand warmers.
  • Large and secure back pocket for top feeding camel back drinks holder or large rocket flare. Adjustable for a low profile.

Front & Sides

  • Front-entry system is incredibly easy on. All zips and clips are at the front so very accessible. Side and shoulder torsion straps tighten to a great fit and tuck away easily into pockets.
  • There is no-ride-up whatsoever.
  • Exceedingly clean and low profile.
  • Vertical side zipped pockets are decent sized, and open all the way meaning it is incredibly easy to put things in and take them out.
  • Handy whistle attached on a stretchy string on one side (left when wearing) and useful clip attached with a cord on the other.
  • Flare pouch on front with retaining loop is handy, and an important safety consideration for more ambitious sea kayaking trips.
  • Decent-sized, non-zip side pockets are fleece-lined. We’re big fans of touches like this on all sea & tour gear.
  • Both front and back panels exceedingly well cut, allowing for utterly unimpeded movement.
  • Added reflective piping on back, front and shoulders adds to an overall vibrant and safety-conscious design, suitable for a sea adventure.


  • Handy zip pouch for top feeding hydration pack.
  • Webbing and retainer loop with reflective detail very nicely conceived and executed. Could house a large rocket flare.

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