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Peak UK Explorer One Piece Paddling DrySuit Review

Paddler Verdict The Explorer One piece certainly boasts some very nice features and styling. The build quality is top notch and it balances durability and robustness with comfort and performance. A paddling suit is a high ticket piece of kit and we want to see the attention to detail and well thought out design married to quality manufacturing and performance and comfort and we’re very pleased to report that the Explorer One Piece delivers on all fronts. Simply put this is an excellent suit! RRP: £599 More info: Features X4 mid-heavy weight nylon with 25m waterproofing Unique patented design […]

Reed Chillcheater Aquatic Pro Sea Kayaking & Touring Buoyancy Aid Review

The Reed Chillcheater Aquatic Pro is a truly excellent sea kayaking and touring paddling buoyancy aid. Before adding any equipment it is clean, low profile, non-inhibitive and extremely functional; perfect for general canoe or kayak touring use, even including easy whitewater (up to grade 2 is highest recommended by Reed Chillcheater). For pushier sea kayaking trips it has all of the safety features and utility you need, too. There is as much storage as is possible without undermining the low-profile design. We don’t feel that the Aquatic Pro is missing a single detail, and all the detail it has is […]

Yak Kurve PFD Review

The Yak Kurve is a great low profile minimalistic PFD. It’s a fantastic choice for any beginner in the market for a new BA. Not only does it do the job, but it comes with a great price tag making it a very appealing purchase. Yak Kurve Features: Mounting Point The mounting point allows you to add accessories to the outside of your PFD. Some people choose to attach a knife here, though this is a personal preference. I would point out as a safety warning that it might be better to put the knife in your front pocket whilst […]