Inflatable Kayaks & Canoes

Kayaker paddling an inflatable kayak on a river

The Best Inflatable Kayaks [2022]

Kayaks are very popular right now but do you really know your stuff? A common mistake people make is not knowing what to watch out for when on the lookout for a new piece of equipment. In this piece we’ll explain the key features to watch out for and which products we would recommend for you. Inflatable kayaks can be easier to transport, stow and store than traditional models. And, if you like the idea of taking your boat out on lakes or rivers, but want something lighter for exploring creeks and narrow ravines, an inflatable kayak is probably right […]

Why a Folding or Inflatable Canoe or Kayak Might Work For You!

“A modern inflatable boat certainly ticks a lot of boxes for those looking for a compact, easy to store and transport canoe or kayak.” Canoes and kayaks are not always the easiest things to store or transport and unless you live literally on the riverbank or shoreline then you’re probably going to need a vehicle with a roof rack, or a trailer, to get your boat to the water, so difficult if you don’t drive or have access to a car. And not everyone lives in a location with an outdoor, or garage storage space. If you live in a […]