Do you wear shoes for kayaking?

While we all have an idea of what to wear when kayaking, and when on the water in general, one of the lesser known things is what we should wear on our feet, and whether we need anything on them at all. Today we’ll be looking at whether you need to wear footwear whilst kayaking, as well as what the different footwear options you could go for are. Do you need to wear footwear? Whilst the short answer to this question is no, it’s not really a good idea to not wear any kind of footwear when kayaking. Although many […]

How do you get in and out of a kayak?

Everybody’s got to start somewhere and knowing how to get in and out of a kayak can be really tricky, especially if you’re a total kayaking novice. In this article, we’ll look at the different ways you can get in and out of the kayak, whether you’re onshore or already in the water, as well as what you should be aware of if you want to stay safe. Getting into a kayak When entering the kayak, what you’ll be best doing is sitting on the edge of it with your legs still in the water. This can be a little […]

How do you not get wet while kayaking?

Nobody likes getting wet, at least by accident anyway, but unfortunately, that’s part and parcel when it comes to watersports and kayaking in particular. That being said there are some tips and tricks that’ll help keep you as dry as possible when you’re out on the water. In this article, we’ll look at some ideas for how you can not get wet when kayaking. 1. Don’t tip over your kayak (obviously) This is the most obvious way to stay dry while kayaking but also the most difficult to control. Even the most experienced kayakers will likely have some trouble staying […]

What is the difference between rafting and kayaking?

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to the paddling and watersports world, especially with regard to kayaking and rafting. In this article, we’ll explain how each is unique, what the key differences are, and how you can get involved in both. If you’re looking for something relating to whitewater rafting/kayaking, check out our French Alps guide by clicking here. What is rafting? Rafting is similar to kayaking, except that instead of paddling a single-person kayak, you’re paddling a larger raft that can hold multiple people. Rafts are generally heavier and less manoeuvrable than kayaks, but they offer more […]

What happens if you flip over in a kayak?

Flipping over in a kayak can be quite a scary experience, especially if you’re quite new to paddling, but if you know what to do and how to best react you shouldn’t have any problems, In this article, we’ll discuss what you should do if you flip over, and how you can stay as safe as possible should it happen to you. If you’re looking for more handy guides, you can find them by clicking here. What’s the difference between a sit-in and a sit-on kayak? A sit-in kayak is a kayak where you sit inside the hull of the […]

Do you burn calories kayaking?

Kayaking is hard, both skill-wise and on your body, but did you know that it’s also a great way to stay fit? It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that many kayakers are in great shape and that is largely down to the fact that kayaking is a great way to work out the top half of your body. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of kayaking for your body, as well as how it can help you burn calories and improve your fitness and shape. If you’re a beginner looking for some kayaking tips, make sure to […]

Should you wear a life jacket in a kayak?

Safety is one of the most important things to consider when heading out on your kayak, but is a life jacket an essential piece of equipment? In this article, we’ll be looking at the importance of life jackets, what other buoyancy aids you can try, and what the benefits of wearing protective equipment are when kayaking. What are the benefits of wearing life jackets? Wearing a life jacket when kayaking has many benefits. They provide you with extra buoyancy in the water, which can help to keep your head above water if you capsize. Life jackets also have reflective panels […]

Which is better: a sit-in or sit-on kayak?

While you might have been on a kayak before, did you know that there are sit-in and sit-on kayak options? In this article, we’ll explore both options and look at which one is better, and why that might differ depending on where you kayak and what your preferences are. What is a sit-in kayak? A sit-in kayak is one where your legs and bottom are inside the hull of the kayak, and you’re facing forwards. Many people find sit-in kayaks more comfortable because they provide more support for your back and legs, and they also help to keep you drier […]