WaveSport D-75 Whitewater Kayak Review

The original king of river-runners has a reputation on the water that precedes it.  Smooth and stable, quick and nimble, responsive and predictable.  With outfitting tweaked for club paddlers and fleet users, the D-Series is the perfect introduction to the world of kayaking.

The D75 Club is an ideal platform for medium to large sized paddlers looking to learn and improve their basic skills on up to grade 2 water.

RRP: £550
More Info:


Length: 244cm
Width: 65cm
Weight: 19 kg
Volume: 284L
Paddler Weight: 63-109 kg


  • Adjustable Thigh Braces
  • Roto Creek seat and hull beam
  • D-Series outfitting
  • Adjustable rotomolded bulkhead
  • 4 security grab handles

Paddler Verdict

We’d certainly recommend that somebody that is looking for a pedigree river kayak with thoroughly playful nature enquire further about the Wavesport D75; it’s a worthy option for a technically competent kayaker to use to push that grade 3/4 boundary, as well as being able to use for the weekly surf/ play session, or as a stable and forgiving platform for somebody new to the sport to launch off with and progress in.

The Ride

The basic design of the D75 hasn’t changed for a fair few years – which is why it’s managed to hang on at this price point when newer models are being subjected to soaring RRPs. This could be seen as a negative, or you could just accept that this is a case of ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it:” we find the D75 to be fast, stable and forgiving whitewater kayak that does an incredibly successful job of straddling that river play/ river running divide. The right paddler will have it cartwheeling in a hole, but at the same time there’s enough volume around the cockpit to keep that waterline high enough for running some pushier stuff of the down-river variety – we’ve had it on the Ogwen, North Wales in spate to name but one. It provides the perfect combination of confidence-inspiring stability and forgivingness with the level of performance that means that the D75 will continue to serve a beginner well throughout their development; another aspect in which this kayak offers value for money. Not quite the slicey river play boat, but not an out-and-out creek kayak, either, the D75 is an all-rounder placed slightly closer to river runner on the river/ play spectrum, but all the same is an incredibly versatile craft that will serve a variety of abilities well for a variety of purposes.

Fixtures and Fittings

We found the outfitting to be effective but not overly-fussy. The seat is rotomoulded and offers a positive position, the full plate footrest is great and also a very nice touch, and not all that common in this price point, are the fully-adjustable wrap-around thigh braces. You can also upgrade the outfitting with hip pads and a conversion kit to convert your backband into a forward ratchet version.

These are not as standard but are available as accessories. The hip pads come as a pair and there is an upgrade kit available to convert your backband into a forward ratchet version. In our opinion, the standout features are the ‘creek like’ rotomolded seat.

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