Why All Canoeists & Kayakers Should Learn First Aid

Canoeing & kayaking are adventure sports and as paddlers, we spend lots of time in dynamic outdoor environments, often in remote locations so basic knowledge of first aid is a must-have skill for all of us. Taking a first aid course makes perfect sense. But why not crank it up a few notches and take a more in-depth course. It’s a good feeling knowing that in an emergency you’ve got that little bit more knowledge to help out your canoeing & kayaking buddies in a time of need.

 What Sort, of Course, Do I Need?

A Rescue Emergency Care (REC) first aid course is ideal for paddlers as it is tailored towards outdoor sports and will teach you really valuable first aid skills that can be applied in paddling environments. Most paddlers also like to dabble in other outdoor pursuits too, and the skills you learn will cross easily over for sports like mountain biking, rock climbing, fell running, to name just a few, too.

What is a REC Course

Rescue Emergency Care (REC) is a well known and respected first aid training organisation founded in the mid-1980s by Dr Robert Phillips while working in remote healthcare and adventure rescue services. REC was set up to provide a comprehensive and flexible training programme that extends the competency of the participants. This unique style of first aid training has been delivered by REC trainers throughout the UK and Europe for over 20 years.

What Will I learn?

A range of different courses are available from beginner through to advanced level for all participants. We have also developed more specialised courses to meet the demands of our clients.
The REC First Aid course covers the following:

·     Vital Signs
·     Emergency Action
·     Airway Management
·     Unconsciousness
·     Choking
·     Drowning
·     Bleeding
·     Breathing
·     Rescue Breathing & CPR
·     Shock
·     Fractures & Dislocations
·     Spinal Injury
·     Casualty Handling
·     Common Illness
·     Problems from Excessive Heat & Cold

The basic philosophy behind the REC first aid scheme believes that access to first aid and trainer training should be inclusive and ensures that individuals from all walks of life can take the opportunity to train or be trained in first aid. REC specialises in training the trainer so that organisations can fulfil their own training needs. The courses are practical and innovative which brings a fresh dimension to learning first aid.

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